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Preventing Dehydration in Birds

June 1, 2022
With summer coming, many of us in the pet care world tend to focus a lot on the importance of keeping your pet cool and hydrated. This is just as important for birds as it is for other animals! Here, a Tipp City, OH veterinarian discusses keeping your feathered friend hydrated.


Don’t put Polly’s cage in direct sunlight, or in a room that is hot and stuffy. You’ll also want to make sure that your colorful pet always has clean water. Many birds also enjoy having birdbaths in their cages. It’s also important to keep your cute pet at a healthy weight.

What To Do

If Polly gets too hot, the first thing to do is bring her to a cooler area and call your vet. Misting her with water can help bring her body temperature down. Pay extra attention to her legs and feet! Your pet may also benefit from having a water-soluble electrolyte power, which can help with rehydration. Ask your vet for specific instructions.

Check Thermometer

Birds can overheat even when it’s only 80 degrees! Keep an eye on the room temperature in Polly’s room.


While you don’t want to give Polly too many sweets, she may appreciate cool fruit as a snack. Ask your vet for suggestions.

Red Flags

It’s important to be able to recognize the signs of overheating. Some of the things to look for here would include lethargy, holding the wings away from the body, distress, uncharacteristic vocalizations, panting, head tilting, and/or just sitting listlessly on the bottom of a cage. Contact your vet immediately if you see any of these.

Offer Shade

Outdoor aviaries can be great for our feathered buddies, but they can get dangerously hot. If you have one for Polly, make sure that it offers suitable shade.

Misting Sprays

Misting bottles are great to have on hand. This is an easy way to cool Polly down if she’s getting hot! (It can also spark a grooming session, as your winged pal will likely start preening herself if her feathers get wet.) Don’t spray Polly directly, though: that may make her nervous. Spray the mist in front of her, and let her walk into it. This is especially important for new birds that you’re still building trust with. Please contact us, your Tipp City, OH animal clinic, anytime. We are here to help!
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