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Kitty Quirks Explained … Sort Of

August 16, 2022
If we know one thing about cats, it’s that these little furballs are full of adorable—and purrplexing—quirks. Fluffy certainly does follow the beat of her own drum! A Tipp City, OH vet shares some insight about some of our feline buddies’ more unusual habits below.

Love Bites

Fluffy is nothing if not unpredictable. She can be purring and cuddly one minute, only to suddenly bite you for no reason the next. There can be many reasons behind this sudden gear shift, but anger isn’t always one of them. Kitties sometimes bite and scratch as a (rather painful) way of showing affection. Love hurts!

Box Obsession

Have you ever put an empty box down on the floor? If so, you successfully made a cat trap! Ever wonder why Fluffy likes boxes (and bags) so much? Kitties instinctively feel safer in small spaces.

Pillow Talk

Does your feline pal sleep on or beside your pillow? This is cute, but it’s definitely made for some exasperated pet owners. If you see a cat sitting on another kitty, or on a higher level on a cat tower, the furball on top is the boss. This may be Fluffy’s way of trying to tell you she’s in charge. (We knew that.)

The Leg Rub

This is one of Fluffy’s more polite ways of requesting something: usually food, though sometimes it may be attention. As it turns out, your furry friend is actually marking you with her scent, and claiming ‘ownership’ in her own adorable way.


Do you let Fluffy go out? If so, it’s probably safe to say that at some point, she’s presented you with what she considers a very special gift: a dead rodent. This behavior goes all the way back to the beginnings of our friendship with cats, when we rewarded them for keeping vermin out of our food stores. (There’s also a chance that your pet has decided you’re just a lousy hunter, and is trying to ‘help’.)

Purrfect Comfort

Fluffy’s purr has some very special properties. Our feline overlords vibrate at frequencies between 25 and 150 HZ. Interestingly, these same frequencies are used in physical therapy, as they’ve been shown to help heal tissue. (Kitty purrs also reduce our stress and help us sleep.) Do you have questions about your cat’s health or care? Call us, your Tipp City, OH animal clinic, today!