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Holidays With Senior Pets

December 15, 2022

Is your furry friend in their golden years? Dogs and cats have many cute traits, but one of our favorites is the fact that they manage to get cuter as they age. Of course, this time of year can be rough on our animal companions. Older pets often have a particularly hard time. Those seasonal disruptions can be tough on pets that are really set in their ways! Read on as a local Tipp City, OH vet offers some advice on spending the holidays with Fido and Fluffy.


Keep your furry buddy’s age in mind when shopping. Choose gifts that will keep Fido and Fluffy comfortable and happy. Soft beds, pet ramps and stairs, supplements, and fountains are a few examples of things that may make great gifts.


Food is one of the biggest seasonal dangers for Fido and Fluffy. This goes double for older animals, as they often have sensitive stomachs, and can get sick from eating rich, fatty foods, or even just things they aren’t used to. Don’t go overboard with treats.


Older animals are usually less destructive and frisky than baby animals are, but they still like to let their inner puppies and kittens out. Keep anything that could be dangerous out of paws’ reach. That includes small/sharp items, things with ropes and cords, candles, and seasonal plants. Ask your vet for specific petproofing tips.


Are you having company? Let your visitors know that your four-legged friend is retired. If you have little kids joining you, keep a close eye on them: toddlers can be unintentionally rough, and you don’t want any incidents.

Quiet Time

Older pets tend to sleep quite a bit, and many aren’t big fans of noise and commotion. If you’re having people over, give your furry pal a quiet spot where they can nap comfortably and sit out the festivities. Offer toys and treats, and put a radio on to mask the noise.


Fido and Fluffy always feel safest when they’re kept on a steady schedule. Older pets can get quite distressed about changes to their habitats or environments. Remember to carve out some quiet time with your four-legged friend, and pay extra attention to them. The time we have with our beloved pets often runs out much too quickly!

Happy Holidays! Please contact us, your local Tipp City, OH animal clinic, anytime!

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