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Fun Facts About Terriers

March 15, 2023

Terrier Day is coming up on March 27th. There are more than 30 different types of terriers, from the teeny-tiny Yorkshire Terrier to the fluffy and lovable Wheaten terrier. Terriers come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, but they all have one thing in common: they are very good boys (and girls)! A Tipp City, OH vet lists some fun facts about the terrier in this article.

What’s In A Name

Fido got his name from the Latin word terra, which means earth. In fact, the name chien terrier goes back to about 1440, and means ‘digging dog’ in French. This is definitely an appropriate moniker, as terriers were originally used for hunting small, burrowing animals, such as rats, foxes, and even badgers.

Wire Coats

Many terriers have coarse, wiry fur. Those coats need some extra attention, and may need to be stripped, which entails removing dead fur by hand. If you aren’t sure whether your canine buddy should be stripped, check with your vet.

Fido Is Fearless

Man’s Best Friend is renowned for his bravery. That’s one trait the terrier seems to have gotten a bit extra of. These guys are known for being fearless!

Working Terriers

Although each type of terrier has their own unique history, many of those that are in the working terrier group hail from just two distinct ancestor groups: colored pups from Scotland and white pooches from England and Wales.

Terriers Still Hunt

Terriers are still used today to control the population of wild animals, such as foxes. (Note: many animal welfare groups are unhappy about this, on behalf of the foxes.) This is called terrier work. Interestingly, the tools used in terrier work haven’t changed in the last 400 years, except for the addition of GPS-enabled tags and collars.


Most terriers originated in Great Britain. Initially, there were only two kinds of terriers: long- and short-legged. However, now there are five different groups, organized according to ‘career.’ The hunting group, for instance, includes the popular Jack Russell Terrier.

They’re Very Active

Some pups are basically furry, four-legged couch potatoes. Terriers, however, are quite active and playful. Fido will need plenty of exercise. You’ll also need to provide plenty of toys and enrichment. These guys are notorious for getting into mischief when bored!

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