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Adopting A Shelter Kitten

April 15, 2023

Adopt A Shelter Pet Day is April 30th! We love seeing shelter pets going to loving homes. At this time of year, many shelters are overflowing with kittens. A Tipp City, OH vet offers some tips on adopting a shelter kitten below. 

Being Prepared

Before you bring little Fluffy home, take a trip to the pet store, and pick up some basic kitty necessities. Most things, such as beds and toys, are pretty much one-size-fits-all for our feline pals. However, with some things, such as food and litter, you’ll need to opt for kitten-friendly products. Clay and clumping litters can be quite dangerous for baby cats, as they can cause intestinal blockages if swallowed. You’ll also want to get kitten-formula cat food. However, when it comes to furniture, just get things made for adult cats: otherwise, you’ll be replacing it pretty quickly.

Coming Home 

Your tiny furball will probably be pretty wide-eyed and uneasy when you first get her home. If you have a large house and/or other pets, put your new buddy in a quiet back room, so she can adjust to her new surroundings and meet her new roommates slowly. Put her carrier in the middle of a room, and set out food and water nearby. Then, leave the door open. Don’t reach in to pull little Fluffy out. Wait until she’s curious enough to emerge. Once she does, hold a treat out and call her to you. Take lots of pictures! 


Is little Fluffy going to be an only pet? If so, you may want to consider adopting a second kitten, so she has a buddy and playmate. This will be particularly beneficial if your feline friend will be spending a lot of time alone. 

Veterinary Care

One of the first things on your agenda should be bringing little Fluffy to the vet. Your furball will need a thorough exam, as well as vaccines and parasite control. Microchipping and spay/neuter surgery should also be scheduled. This is a great time to get some advice on your new pet’s health and care! 

Purr Activation

Kittens think of their humans as second parents, but that bond needs to be nurtured. Pay lots of attention to little Fluffy, and keep that motor going! 

Do you have questions about your kitty’s health or care? Contact us, your local Tipp City, OH pet hospital, today!