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Reasons Dogs Get Lost

June 10th is Missing Mutts Awareness Day. It can be heart-wrenching to even think of your canine companion getting lost or stolen, but, sadly, this happens all over the country every day. As many as one in three dogs go…

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Caring For A Blind Dog

May 3rd is Adopt A Specially-Abled Pet Day! Are you considering bringing a new pet into your home? If so, don’t automatically pass over that cute pup that isn’t quite perfect. Many of those broken, unwanted pets end up being…

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Adopting A Shelter Kitten

Adopt A Shelter Pet Day is April 30th! We love seeing shelter pets going to loving homes. At this time of year, many shelters are overflowing with kittens. A Tipp City, OH vet offers some tips on adopting a shelter…

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Siamese Cat Appreciation Day

There’s a pretty special kitty holiday coming up: April 6th is Siamese Cat Appreciation Day. We love all of our feline friends, but we do have to admit that Siamese kitties are purrticularly cute and lovable. A local Tipp City,…

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Fun Facts About Terriers

Terrier Day is coming up on March 27th. There are more than 30 different types of terriers, from the teeny-tiny Yorkshire Terrier to the fluffy and lovable Wheaten terrier. Terriers come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, but they all…

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Creating A Pawesome Pet First-Aid Kit 

Did you know that every 2.5 seconds, a pet needs emergency care? To look at that data another way, roughly one in three pets need emergency care every year. Those numbers are pretty staggering! If your beloved pet is ever…

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CCL Injuries In Dogs 

You’ve likely heard of ACL injuries before. They’ve definitely been the bane of many athletes’ existence! Our canine companions can also develop similar problems. Fido’s version has a slightly different name: cranial cruciate ligament. However, the doggy version can be…

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6 Ways To Change A Pet’s Life

There’s no doubt that our furry friends can truly change our lives. In fact, many people say that the pets they rescued actually rescued them! However, not all of our animal friends are pampered, beloved family members. If you want…

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Signs Of HD

As you may know, hip dysplasia is quite widespread among our canine companions. Though this painful, debilitating condition is most commonly seen in large breeds and senior dogs, it can affect any pooch, and at any point in their lives….

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