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Make A Dog’s Day: Treats

Make a Dog’s Day is coming up on October 22nd! We think all of our canine friends deserve to be happy, so we’re more than happy to spread the word about this new pet holiday. Of course, when it comes…

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How Often Should I Bathe My Dog?

Does your pooch run and hide when he hears the word ‘Bath?’ Fido may enjoy feeling soft and clean, but he is definitely not as enthusiastic about the process that gets him there. Of course, how often your canine buddy…

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Myths About Pet Insurance

September is Pet Insurance Month! Pet insurance hasn’t been around as long as human insurance, but it works in similar ways, and provides many of the same benefits. In a nutshell, the concept is the same: customers pay a set…

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Kitty Quirks Explained … Sort Of

If we know one thing about cats, it’s that these little furballs are full of adorable—and purrplexing—quirks. Fluffy certainly does follow the beat of her own drum! A Tipp City, OH vet shares some insight about some of our feline…

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Fun Facts About Odie

Did you know that Odie Day is coming up on August 8th? Fans of the Garfield comic strip may be more smitten with the Monday-hating kitten, but Odie definitely makes a great sidekick, partner in crime, foil, or rival, depending…

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Caring For A Cat With Leukemia

Tomorrow, July 16th, is Feline Leukemia Day. This isn’t a celebration, by any means: it’s to raise awareness about feline leukemia. Kitties can still live for quite some time with FeLV. In fact, the average cat lives about 2.5 years…

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Feeding Your Shelter Dog

Have you recently adopted a rescue dog? Good for you! Many of our patients were rescues, who are now thriving as beloved pets. Of course, going to a new home is a big deal for Fido. It may take him…

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Fido’s Favorite Jobs

June 24th is Take Your Dog To Work Day! Our canine buddies have been working for us for as long as 30,000 years! Many pups actually have real jobs, such as being a therapy dog or service dog. However, it’s…

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Preventing Dehydration in Birds

With summer coming, many of us in the pet care world tend to focus a lot on the importance of keeping your pet cool and hydrated. This is just as important for birds as it is for other animals! Here,…

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5 Astonishing Facts About Fido

World Dog Day is coming up on May 21st! We’re always happy to shine the spotlight on our canine companions, and celebrate how wonderful they are. Fido is a truly remarkable friend and companion! Here, a Tipp City, OH vet…

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