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Out For a Ride

There are not many things more joyful than a dog out for a ride with his owner, head hanging out of the window, the wind blowing his ears back, tongue hanging out happily.  And while we all enjoy making our…

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Heat Stroke-Don’t Let Your Pet Be a Victim

While temperatures so far this spring have been fairly mild, we’ve already had our first case of heat stroke at our hospital. While heat stroke (where the body’s temperature becomes severely elevated) is more commonly seen in the summer when…

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Dog Walk for D.R.E.A.M.

Thanks to everyone who turned out today for our dog walk at Hobart Urban Nature Preserve in Troy. We had great weather and a good turn out. It was fun to see all the different dogs, some in costumes, and…

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Lasers-Not Just for Science Fiction

When we think of lasers, many tend to think of spaceships and people shooting at each other with futuristic guns. Did you know that lasers are now commonly used in human and veterinary medicine? We use lasers two different ways…

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The Labrador Retriever

Every year the AKC releases its rankings on dog breeds based on the number of registered dogs in each breed, and for the past 21 years that breed has been the Labrador retriever. What makes Labradors so popular? According to…

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Getting to Know Us, Part 2

This month in our Getting to Know You series I’d like to introduce one of our receptionists, Rachel. Many of you have already seen Rachel’s smiling face while visiting our hospital. Rachel has worked at our reception desk for the…

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