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The Case of the Itchy Pet

Most people have dealt with allergies or know someone who has. We think of itchy eyes, runny noses and coughing. But did you know that your pet can have allergies as well? Finding out what your pet is allergic to…

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Happy Cats

It’s very common at modern zoos to have enrichment programs for the animals that live there. These programs are ways to enhance the lives of the animals and give them much needed exercise and mental stimulation. It’s not only zoo…

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A Walk in the Park

We recently had a small dog in the hospital that had been attacked by a much larger dog. Sadly this is not that uncommon of a case for us to see, especially as the weather warms and more people are…

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Microchipping Your Pet

One of the worst things many pet owners can imagine is having your pet become lost. Most of us are careful to do things to prevent our pet from getting out unsupervised, but accidents happen; gates can be left open,…

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Heartworm Disease

Many of us have enjoyed our past mild winter. We are not the only ones to appreciate the warmer weather though. Many insects such as mosquitoes may be getting an early start as well. While mosquitoes can carry a variety…

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Pekingese-the Little Lion Dogs

I’m sure many of you spent time watching the Westminster Kennel Club annual competition and saw Ch. Palacegarden Malachy or Malachy as his friends know him, walk away with Best in Show.  If so, you may wish to know more…

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Our Furry and Feathered Valentines

That we love our pets is a given for many people, but some may wonder if their pets love them. While there is no way for us to know what another species of animal is thinking or feeling, and there…

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Time to Go to the Dentist

Imagine going years without brushing your teeth. Imagine you have a cracked tooth and it splits apart every time you chew with it. Imagine another tooth is broken off at the gum line and only the root remains. Imagine yet…

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