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Diabetes in Dogs and Cats

Most people know or have an idea of what diabetes is, a disorder where the body doesn’t produce or utilize insulin properly, which causes blood sugar levels to become too high. Not everyone is aware that disease can also affect…

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New Year Resolutions

If you’ve sat down to make your resolutions for the New Year, you ought to include your pet as well. There are things you can do to make the coming year a good one for both you and your pet….

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Adding a New Dog to your Family: Part 2

Last week we discussed some of the things you should consider before adding a canine family member and where was the best place to find a purebred dog. Some though prefer a little mystery in their lives and for them,…

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So You’re Considering a Pet for Christmas

Christmas will soon be here and trying to think of just the perfect present can occupy your spare time. Perhaps that special someone would like a furry or feathered friend for Christmas…or perhaps not. Pets can be a wonderful present…

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Christmas shopping for your Pets

It’s the time of year when we hit the malls, or in many cases these days, the internet, to pick up presents for our friends and relatives to wrap and place under the Christmas tree.  If you’re like most pet…

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Your Cat, the Litter box and You

Cats, by their nature, are clean creatures. Recent studies suggest they spend as much as 15% of their time grooming. Cats also like to be hygienic when it comes to their toiletry habits. Most kittens learn to use a litter…

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Winter is Coming

It’s that time of year. The Halloween decorations have been put away, the last of the yard work for the summer is done, the flower beds have been cleared and daylight savings time is over. Soon we can expect to…

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Adding a New Dog to your Family

So, your family has talked about it and decided that what you want for Christmas is a new best friend for everyone, a cute adorable puppy or dog. But where do you begin looking for one and more importantly finding…

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