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Important Vaccines

Below are important vaccines that your pet may need annually. The following tables give a brief overview of why they are important. If you have any questions please feel free to comment or contact your veterinarian!

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Making a Multiple-Cat Home

About three weeks ago I “rescued” a big beautiful three year old black cat named Jamison for a friend in Florida.  He is intensely allergic to fleas and in spite of all attempts to control the fleas and allergies in Florida,…

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Visiting Your Vet with Your Cat

When it is time for your pet’s annual visit to the veterinarian, don’t leave behind your felines.  I know some of you are picturing an empty carrier at your feet, while your cat crouches in the magic spot under the…

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Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease is at the top of the list of most commonly diagnosed diseases in the adult cat and dog. It is a growing concern in our pets, causing more than just bad breath. Periodontal disease occurs when bacteria and…

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Summer Time Allergy & Flea Alert

WOW! We’ve seen a big outbreak of dogs and cats scratching like crazy here as in our veterinary clinic in Troy Ohio . So……why? If you or your family have noticed more hay fever this year, then you know it’s…

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