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Great Gift Ideas for Your Cat

The holiday season is in full-swing now. Have you finished shopping for the animal portion of your family? If you need a few last-minute gift ideas for your cat, you’ve come to the right place. Read on as a Tipp…

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How Well Does Your Dog Handle the Cold?

It won’t be long before the coldest part of the year is upon us. And that means that we ought to be thinking about our canine friends’ comfort and safety just as much as our own. Some dogs are well-equipped…

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Things Your Dog is Thankful For

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Dogs are definitely something that we are thankful for! Fido truly enriches and brightens up our lives with his love, loyalty, and affection. But what do you think your pup is most appreciative of?…

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Tips for Adopting a Senior Pet

November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month! If you’re considering giving that one lucky dog or cat a great retirement home, you definitely have our support. Older dogs and cats make absolutely wonderful pets. They’re typically very calm and gentle,…

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Autumn Care for Older Pets

Is your dog or cat in their golden years? If so, you’ll want to pay them some extra attention over the next few months. Cold weather can be hard on older pets! Here, a Tipp City, OH vet offers some…

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Things You Learn When You Adopt a Dog

October is Adopt A Dog Month! With so many people working from home this year, this is a perfect time to adopt a pup. After all, you’ll have lots of extra time to train Fido, and help him settle in….

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Whisker Fatigue in Cats

Have you heard the term whisker fatigue before? If not, you aren’t alone. It’s definitely not one of the more common phrases associated with cats. Whisker fatigue is a real thing, however, and it can have a detrimental effect on…

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Does your cat sometimes seem to get irritated or angry for no reason? Fluffy can be a bit temperamental, and she can have a rather short temper. Why do our feline pals go from cuddly little furballs to hissing balls…

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Your Cat’s Veterinary Care Needs

Did you know that August 22 nd is Take Your Cat To The Vet Day? We know, if you were to ask Fluffy, she would no doubt insist that it’s actually Hug Your Cat Day, Buy Your Kitty Tuna Day,…

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Signs of Hip Dysplasia in Dogs

Did you know that hip dysplasia is a very common issue in our canine friends? Here at Troy Animal Hospital, hip dysplasia is one of our special interests. Of course, early treatment and diagnosis can make a huge difference when…

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