Our Careteam

Kay LeVan
Practice Coordinator
Kay has been with us for 20 years and her entire life starts and ends with pets (the client’s and her own) and her husband, Roy. You can contact her with any pet question you have and she is willing to help you! She also ensures that the day-to-day operations run smoothly. What drives her is making pets better for the clients’ lives we serve.
Christy Thau
Receptionist In Charge
Christy has been with us 10 years and loves to come to work. She views work as therapy because she gets to do what she loves! She has always had Great Danes and currently an 8 year old Dane named Finn is part of her family. She is inspired by all the clients she serves who loves their pets and getting to facilitate that every day.
April Barton
Lead Veterinary Technician
April loves coordinating the technical area to ensure all aspects such as surgeries, dentistries and medical care are handled to the best of our abilbities. She has a menagerie of pets herself which includes dogs, cats, chickens, geese, ducks and guinea fowl. It is obvious that she takes great pleasure in her work as she loves helping people and their pets. April is also the proud owner of EARL, a Chihuahua who through the sheer force of his personality has developed into our Clinic Mascot.
Cathy Knife
Cathy was originally a client of ours who always admired the culture here. She always tells everyone that this is the best job she’s ever had and has been saying this ever since she started with us almost 5 years ago. She loves her co-workers and the wonderful clients and their pets who have become her dear friends.
Darci McGreevy-Marshall
Darci loves the clients and their pets because they are like family. Seeing sick pets now healthy gives her a real sense of accomplishment that she helped the process from her end of it. She has 3 dogs and 1 rabbit. Her mom and aunt keep the office sparkling clean and sometimes Darci even helps with that. Darci has been at Troy Animal Hospital/Bird Clinic for over 10 years.
Lita Williams
Lita loves working here even after 30 years. She loves the culture at Troy Animal Hospital/Bird Clinic and feels enormously blessed by getting to work here all these years. She has reflected on her life here and can not think of any place that she would have rather spent her career.
Rachel Garber
Rachel has been with us since high school for the past almost 15 years. She loves not only being a part of our family here at Troy Animal Hospital but also loves being a part of all the wonderful families that we serve. Rachel is very thankful for all the interest and support she received from her teammates and clients in regards to her daughter’s leukemia battle (who, by the way, is going GREAT!) She has 2 dogs and 2 children.
Allison Mattingly
Allison loves caring for pets and keeping them happy while they are here with us. She loves seeing happy owners’ faces when she returns the pets to their owners. Allison has been working with pets for 7 years. She has 1 dog and 2 cats.
Emily Bishop
Veterinary Technician
Emily loves all the variety that she gets to handle on a daily basis. There is so much involved to enhancing the quality of pets and their families and she thoroughly enjoys helping the clients help their pets. She has 2 dogs, 1 cat, a horse and 2 children and she finds working here balances her life in a very beneficial way.
Jaclyn Spitler
Veterinary Technician
Jaclyn has been with us since high school and actually trained to be a Veterinary Technician at our hospital through the Cedar Valley Technician Program and graduated in 2006. Jaclyn has, like everyone else here, a love for pets and the people who love them. She has 3 donkeys, goats, chickens, a 14 yr old Pug, 4 cats and 3 children With her busy schedule she finds coming to work helps her stay focused on her love for helping pets.
Julie Deal
Julie LOVES the pets and that every day she gets to revisit with the pets she has come to know and love after working at Troy Animal Hospital/Bird Clinic these past 8 years. She has 3 American Eskimos, 2 cockatoos and 2 cockatiels (all of them RESCUE!)
Brandi Good
Veterinary Technician
Brandi has become an integral part of our technician team and says that she loves coming to work. She enjoys helping all the pets and their owners and can’t imagine doing anything else. She loves the Stress-Free Environment that we strive to maintain at Troy Animal Hospital/Bird Clinic and she loves the variety that every day brings. Brandi recently graduated from the Bradford School in Columbus and has two cats.
Andrea Luthman
Veterinary Technician
Andrea always had pets while growing up, and she even showed horses throughout her middle school and high school years. Now, she gets to continue caring for pets as one of our Veterinary Technicians! She’s especially fond of parasitology and behavior work. Andrea and her fiancé, Kyle, have a feisty mutt named Elliot, and Andrea enjoys staying active outdoors, working out, gardening, horseback riding, and spending time with family and friends when she’s not here at the office.