Wellness & Vaccinations

As a caring pet parent, your greatest task is helping your animal friend enjoy as many happy, healthy years as possible. To successfully achieve this goal, it is critically important that we take every measure available to us to both prevent illness and detect it in its earliest stages. This is the very premise of wellness care.

Routine wellness visits allow us to both manage your pet’s current health and to monitor that health over time, preventing and minimizing health risks and identifying and addressing potential problems in the most timely and effective manner. This can add years to your pet’s life and improve the quality of those years exponentially.

Troy Animal Hospital and Bird Clinic offers comprehensive wellness care for pets of all species and ages. Moreover, our wellness care is designed to be customized to meet the precise needs of each patient, with each and every visit. Whether it’s a first round of vaccinations for your brand new pet, ongoing health screening and maintenance as your loved one ages, or specialized geriatric care to ensure that the senior years are as happy and comfortable as possible, we’ve got exactly what your pet needs.

A typical wellness visit with us begins with a thorough physical exam of your pet. We’ll check your companion’s eyes, ears, mouth, nose and skin, looking for any abnormalities along the way. We’ll also evaluate your pet’s internal body function, listening to the heart and lungs and feeling the abdomen to ensure that everything is working just as it should be. Certain routine diagnostic tests, such as blood work and urinalysis, may also be recommended to help us further analyze your pet’s current health.

One of the most important components of wellness care is the opportunity it provides for us to take certain preventative measures. This helps us to protect your pet from a number of serious, sometimes even life threatening dangers that he or she may encounter over the years. We will develop a customized vaccination plan and work with you on other important matters, including parasite prevention and control, nutrition and weight management, behavioral advice and more.

For those medical conditions that we can’t prevent, wellness care allows us to identify the signs of a potential problem early so that we can address that problem right away – before it has the chance to develop into a more serious and costly concern. It’s always much more affordable to treat disease in its earliest stages than it is to manage it once it’s progressed. Of course, early detection can also vastly improve the chances of your loved one enjoying a longer, healthier life.

Finally, regular visits to the vet allow your pet to become acclimated with our clinic and comfortable interacting with our staff. The more at ease and relaxed your companion becomes, the more effective his or her care will be. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to ask questions, voice your concerns and discuss any important matters about your pet with our doctors and care team, forging a solid partnership with us moving forward. The more we all get to know one another, the better we will be able to develop the perfect health care plan for your pet.

You want to enjoy as much time as possible with your pet. It starts with a solid foundation of wellness care. Let’s work together to help your animal family member enjoy a long, happy and healthy life.