• At Troy Animal Hospital and Bird Clinic, we understand the precious bond you share with your companion. It’s something each one of us shares with our own furry, feathered or scaly friends. Because we are pet parents too, it’s only natural for us to treat you and your loved one the way we would want to be treated – with respect, compassion and personalized care. It’s what we specialize in and something you simply won’t find anywhere else.

    Whether you’re new to the Miami Valley area, recently adopted a new animal family member or you’re just looking for an experienced vet that you can trust, we encourage you to come give us a try!


    Basic Guinea Pig Care

    Guinea pigs can make great little pets for the right family—if you’re considering adding one to your ranks, you’ll want to know the basic tenets for their care. Learn more … Read More »


    Autumn Safety Tips for Pet Parents

    Autumn has arrived! Your pet is probably welcoming the cooler breezes as the seasons change. Remember, though—autumn brings its own set of potential pet hazards! Here, a Troy veterinary professional … Read More »


    Recognizing Stress in Your Pet Bird

    Birds are very susceptible to stress, and it can be triggered by environmental factors, other pets, family members, noises, illness, and much more. As a responsible bird owner, you should … Read More »

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