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Why Your Veterinarian Takes Your Pet to the “Back” for Treatment: an article by Troy Animal Hospital

April 15, 2013

The veterinarian has been in to see your pet. They’ve examined him or her, listened to your questions and answered them, and it’s now time for your pet to receive its vaccinations or perhaps have some blood drawn for testing. Your vet says they’re going to run your pet to the “back” and you can wait here in the exam room or we’ll meet you at the front desk with your pet in a few minutes. Why does your pet have to go to the “back” and what happens there?

The “back” in most veterinary hospitals, including ours, is our treatment area. We have all the supplies we need to treat your pet, whether it’s giving vaccinations, drawing blood or giving other injections. We can shave and treat hot spots, clean ears and eyes, and perform a large number of other procedures quickly and efficiently. Our technicians spend the bulk of their time in this room and we have other staff as well, that are familiar with handling pets to help if needed. Your pet’s safety is first and foremost. Pets often tend to be better behaved when their owners aren’t with them. It’s very common to have someone bring in their dog for a nail trim and be amazed at how quickly the nails are trimmed and their dog brought back up to them because, “he won’t let me trim them at all at home.” We also know that many owners would prefer not to see their pet receive injections or other procedures.

Many pets are nervous and fearful, and understandably so, especially if they’re already not feeling well. We do occasionally have to muzzle a pet to work safely on it. Many pets tend to calm down when muzzled and their treatment can be done much quicker and with less stress to them in this way. Stressed cats can often be wrapped and covered in towels to help them calm down. Birds that need to be handled are usually wrapped in a towel as well. Your pet’s needs are always taken in to consideration during treatment.

While the “back” may sound like a mysterious place, it’s the best place for your pet to quickly, efficiently and safely receive any treatment that you need while at the veterinary office.

Here at Troy Animal Hospital we work hard to provide the highest quality veterinary care for your beloved pets. You can reach us at 937-335-8387

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