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OFA & PennHIP Evaluations 

Ensure your dog's hips are healthy

Troy Animal Hospital offers both PennHIP and Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) evaluations for canines.

What Is a PennHIP Evaluation?

PennHIP is a multifaceted radiographic screening method for evaluating and assessing the quality of a canine's hips as well as whether a dog is susceptible to hip dysplasia. This method of evaluation is also able to accurately predict the onset of canine osteoarthritis (OA). Osteoarthritis, also known as degenerative joint disease (DJD), is the hallmark of hip dysplasia.

PennHIP requires a dog to be anesthetized. Three radiographs are then taken to measure hip joint laxity (looseness) present in your dog's hips. A score between 0-1 is assigned, with 0 being very tight hips and 1 being very loose. The score is based on a measurement of the hip's distraction index (DI).

Dr. Lonnie Davis is certified in PennHIP and OFA evaluations for the screening of canine hip dysplasia.

About Canine Hip Dysplasia

Canine hip dysplasia (CHD) is a common problem in large breed dogs, such as the Akita, German Shepherd, Labrador and Golden Retrievers, and the Rottweiler. Evaluations are essential for breeding animals and service dogs to help reduce the incidence of hip dysplasia, to assure hip joint soundness, and to help diagnose the potential for hip dysplasia.

Performed at an early age, these evaluations can help guide us to determine if corrective measures may be taken to prevent your dog from developing hip dysplasia.

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PennHIP Evaluations 

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