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5 Fascinating Facts About Fluffy’s Purr

May 1, 2016

Cats have many adorable features, but one of the cutest things about our feline friends is the fact that they actually vibrate with happiness. Fluffy’s purr has definitely helped her melt some hearts! A Tipp City, OH vet lists some interesting facts about kitty purrs in this article.

Origins of The Purr

The purr may have originated as a way for mama cats to communicate with their babies. Kittens can’t really meow and nurse at the same time, but they can purr while they’re feeding. That cute little rumble can help a nursing mother soothe her baby furballs, and also offers a way for the little ones to let Mama know that all is well. Cats aren’t the only animals that purr: hyenas, squirrels, elephants, and gorillas also purr, though, as you can probably imagine, they sound very different from Fluffy!

Purrfect Timing

Even though Fluffy usually starts her motor when she’s content, kitties don’t only purr when they’re happy. They sometimes also purr when they are scared, sick, or anxious. This may be Fluffy’s way of trying to soothe or heal herself. Think of it as the feline equivalent of a human’s nervous laugh.

Good Vibrations

Studies suggest that purrs actually have medical benefits. It even turns out that Fluffy purrs at a frequency that has been show to promote healing. This same frequency is often used in physical therapy. Who knows? Our feline friends may just be a bit magic!


Fluffy purrs aren’t just cute: they’re also good for us. If you’ve ever let your furball snuggle up to you at night, you may know that a purring feline can make a wonderful sleep aid. That soothing purr can also help people cope with grief, depression, or anxiety. This may be one reason that our furry friends are becoming so popular as therapy animals. It’s hard not to smile with a purring kitty in your arms!

Activating The Purr

To start your kitty’s motor, pick a time when she is relaxed and sleepy, and try stroking her forehead gently. Talk to Fluffy in a calm, soothing voice while you’re doing this. While results may vary from cat to cat, some affectionate furballs start purring as soon as you touch them!

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