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How to Properly Hug Your Cat

June 1, 2016

Did you know that June 4th is officially Hug Your Cat Day? We strongly believe that cats should be hugged every day. There are some definite do’s and don’ts when it comes to hugging cats, however. Below, a Tipp City, OH vet offers advice on hugging cats.

When To Hug Your Cat

Before attempting to hug Fluffy, observe her for a moment. If she is meowing at you, following you around, or blinking slowly, go ahead with the hug. While it’s always nice to hug a sleepy cat, don’t interrupt Fluffy’s naptime. Kitties need their beauty rest!

When Not To Hug Your Cat

Timing is everything when it comes to hugging cats. It’s probably best to avoid hugging Fluffy when she is batting one of her toys around or intently staring out the window, even if she looks really cute. If your pet is looking at you with a smug, self-satisfied look, proceed with caution.

How To Hug Your Cat

To properly hug your furball, you’ll want to start by gently picking her up. Keep one hand on her bottom and/or back legs, supporting her weight. With your other hand, cradle her against your chest. Lightly stroke your kitty’s forehead, chin, or ears. If Fluffy starts purring, you’re doing it right. If she meows, scratches, or flees, let her go, and offer her a treat instead.

Belly Rubs

If your kitty flips over and offers you her furry tummy, she’s just paid you an extremely high compliment. Fluffy’s soft underbelly is her most vulnerable spot, so if she lets you rub it, she’s showing that she really trusts you. However, sometimes this seemingly innocent request for attention is actually a cleverly-disguised ploy, or even a trap. If your pet attacks or claws you when you touch her tummy, she may actually want playtime, not hugs. Cats also sometimes change their minds and their moods very quickly, because, well, that’s what kitties do.

The Consequences of Improper Hugging

If you make a mistake and hug your cat when she doesn’t want to be hugged, Fluffy may show her displeasure by lightly scratching or nipping you. Or, she may just vocally reprimand you. Just let your kitty go. Chances are, she won’t stay mad for long!

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