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Feeding Your Shelter Dog

July 3, 2022
Have you recently adopted a rescue dog? Good for you! Many of our patients were rescues, who are now thriving as beloved pets. Of course, going to a new home is a big deal for Fido. It may take him time to settle down. As your pooch is settling in, you’ll need to get him started out on an optimal nutritional plan. A Tipp City, OH vet offers some advice on how to do that in this article.

Dietary History

If Fido has been in a shelter, he may have been eating a variety of different brands, depending on what has been donated. That said, try to find out what your dog has been eating, and get that brand to start.


In general, we try to advise people not to go overboard with treats. You don’t want your pooch becoming obese! That said, snacks can be extremely helpful in winning your new pet’s trust. The way to Fido’s heart is definitely through his stomach! Opt for small portions, so you don’t overfeed your furry buddy.


Any time you make changes to your canine pal’s diet, you’ll need to do so slowly, over the course of several days. Making changes too quickly can upset your pup’s furry tummy!

Food Aggression

Generally, dogs are tested for food aggression before being put up for adoption. However, it’s still something to watch for in those early days. If you have children, teach them not to touch or take your furry friend’s food, especially while he’s eating.

Choosing Foods

One of the first decisions that you’ll have to make is what to feed your canine companion. This can be quite tricky, as there are so many brands to choose from. Reading labels can give you an idea of what to look for. (Tip: meat, fish, or poultry should be listed first on the label. You may also see various fruits and veggies, and perhaps rice or quinoa.) Avoid anything with a lot of ingredients you can neither pronounce or identify.


One of the first things you’ll want to do is take Fido to meet his doctor. All dogs are different, and they all have their own unique nutritional needs. Ask for tips on brands, serving sizes, and, of course, treats. As your local Tipp City, OH animal clinic, we are dedicated to offering excellent care. Call us today!
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