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Caring For A Blind Cat

November 1, 2022
Did you know that blindness is not uncommon in cats? Fluffy can lose her vision for many reasons. Sometimes medical problems are the issue. Some possibilities include feline herpes, high blood pressure, kidney disease, an overactive thyroid, cataracts, or tumors. Your furry pal could also lose her vision because of trauma or infection. In some cases, the issue is hereditary. Regardless of the cause, blind kitties have a lot of love to give, and can still lead happy lives. A Tipp City, OH vet discusses caring for Fluffy below.

Veterinary Care

Some of the issues that can cause vision loss are treatable. Keep an eye out for warning signs! If you notice anything concerning, such as bumping into things, disorientation, swelling or discharge from the eye, or light sensitivity, contact your vet.

Offer a Safe Place

Fluffy may become disoriented and frightened quite easily. Provide a safe space, such as a kitty condo, where she can go if she gets scared.

Keep Kitty In

We recommend this for all cats, but it’s particularly crucial for blind ones. Keep your feline friend safe and sound indoors! If you want to let Fluffy enjoy some fresh air, make her a catio or enclosure.

Avoid Sudden Changes

Cats are usually able to find their way around pretty easily in familiar territory. Carpet runners and scent markers can help with this. Your furball will also leave scent trails with her paws. However, she can trip over unexpected obstacles in her path, such as toys, shoes, or bags. Avoid rearranging things, and keep the floors clear. If you move, put her in a small area in the new place at first, and gradually let her explore.

Don’t Spook Her

One pet peeve many blind animals have is being startled. Don’t pick Fluffy up from behind or when she’s sleeping!


Safety first! If you have stairs, a pool, a fireplace, or any other potentially hazardous areas, use baby gates to block them off.


Like any other kitty, Fluffy needs to feel loved and safe. Pay lots of attention to your feline buddy! If she likes to cuddle, you can pick her up and put her on your lap. Just be very gentle when putting her down. Please contact us if you have questions about caring for your kitty. As your Tipp City, OH animal clinic, we’re here to help!
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