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Hip Dysplasia Evaluation

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Hip Dysplasia x-ray

Hip dysplasia is one of the most common medical disorders in dogs. It is a disease of the hip joint which causes ongoing deterioration and subsequent loss of function of the hips. The founder of Troy Animal Hospital, Dr. Lonnie Davis has had a special interest in the diagnosis, treatment and management of this condition since opening the practice in the 1970’s. Over the years, he has worked on perfecting and honing his craft, ultimately leading up to the development of his very own Precise Positioning Technique™.

Dr. Davis is available for consultations over the email or in person.

“I started my practice here in beautiful Troy, Ohio in the late 1970′s and it wasn’t long before I did my first hip x-ray. Initially, I did what everyone else did: I gave the dog general anesthetic in order to take the x-rays. Twice the dog failed. The owner of the dog, an employee at my hospital, begged me to do the films for a third time and promised he would control the head of the dog if I would take them without a sedative or anesthesia.

DVD Cover of Dr Lonnie Davis' Precise Position Technique™

In order to understand the vital importance of my Precise Position Technique™, I have produced a DVD to show the wide variation one encounters due to the positioning of the dog’s hips. In the beginning of the video, I show the dog perfectly positioned and the dog receives an excellent OFA rating. Then, I show numerous ways I can cause the dog to get a lower grade or even fail when the OFA required position is not precisely followed. Order your copy now for $33.98 plus tax and shipping/handling by contacting us.”